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CGW Chicago Great Western Limited Passenger Train which traveled between Chicago and Minneapolis St. Paul 1910 Postcard Nicknamed the "Corn Belt Route"

 Chicago Great Western Railway Track Map

 Chicago Great Western Railway Logo

Chicago Great Western Railway 1907 ad 
The Right Road between Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis,Kansas City and Omaha.

Chicago Great Western Railroad's Passenger Trains 
Maple Leaf Route Advertising Blotter

Chicago Great Western Limited Passenger Train 
which traveled between Chicago and Minneapolis St. Paul 
1910 Postcard

Chicago Great Western Train The Blue Bird 1929 Ad , 
which traveled between Minneapolis, St. Paul and Rochester, Minnesota. 
It was a gas-electric type with no provisions for dining or sleeping

Chicago Great Western Railroad CGW Common Stock Certificate 1921

Chicago Great Western Railroad Co. 
CGW Preferred Stock Certificate 10 Shares 1915

Chicago Great Western Railroad 
CGW 40 Foot wood Side Refer Refrigerator Rail Car 
N Scale Model Train Freight Car

Nicknamed the "Corn Belt Route" because of its operating area in the Midwestern United States, the railroad was sometimes called the "Lucky Strike Road", due to the similarity in design between the herald of the CGW and the logo used for Lucky Strike cigarettes.

In 1960 it reported 2474 million net ton-miles of revenue freight and 4 million passenger miles; at the end of that year it operated 1469 miles of road and 2117 miles of track. In 1968 it merged with the Chicago & North Western Railway (C&NW), which abandoned most of CGW's trackage.