Thursday, May 30, 2013

CENTRAL of GEORGIA Steam Engine Railroad Locomotive,Central Park Macon Georgia, Central Of Georgia Steam Train Display

Central of Georgia Railroad Steam Engine, 
Macon Georgia

Central of Georgia Railroad steam engine locomotive
Macon Georgia city park

The Central of Georgia Railway (reporting mark CG) started as the Central Rail Road and Canal Company in 1833. As a way to better attract investment capital, the railroad changed its name to Central Rail Road and Banking Company of Georgia
This railroad was constructed to join the Macon and Western Railroad at Macon, Georgia and run to Savannah, Georgia. This created a rail link from Chattanooga on the Tennessee River to seaports on the Atlantic Ocean. It took from 1837 to 1843 to finish this railroad all the way to Macon and until 1851 to get a bridge built across the Ocmulgee River.

Central of Georgia Railroad  Steam Engine coal car side sign,
 Macon Georgia